Telecon appoints two new Executive Vice Presidents

Telecon is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Filato as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Robert Pothier as Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. In their new enhanced capacities, they will continue to play an instrumental role in growing Telecon’s market position and driving execution and strategic objectives across the organization with the President and CEO, Cari Shyiak.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Peter Filato will continue to drive Telecon’s objectives across Corporate Services, leading our Finance, IT, Legal and Transformation teams. As Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Robert Pothier will continue to grow and strengthen our relationships with our current and future customers and will lead our Infrastructure, Design and Marketing & Communications teams.

Peter Filato is a seasoned senior financial and operations executive with nearly three decades of experience in diverse industries and CPA certified. Over the years, he has held several executive positions with different first-class companies including Gildan, Alcan, SNC-Lavalin and Raymond, Chabot, Grant, Thornton. Before joining Telecon, Peter was Chief Financial Officer, Manufacturing, at Gildan. He joined Telecon as Chief Financial Officer in 2019 and has been instrumental in the organization’s success. In 2022, he also acted as Interim co-CEO alongside Robert Pothier.

Robert Pothier has over 30 years of leadership experience in telecommunications, technology, network and IT operations/deployment, media broadcast and field services. Since joining Telecon 7 years ago, Robert has held several senior executive roles covering many aspects of our business, including Senior Vice President Design, Chief Customer officer and Interim Co-CEO. Prior to joining Telecon, he held various international positions with Ericsson and worked extensively with operators such as ITV, the BBC, NBC, Vodafone Global, Deutsche Telecom.