MONTREAL, December 15, 2023Larry Stevenson, Chairman of the Board of Telecon, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Pothier as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company and member of Telecon’s Board of Directors.

Robert has over 30 years of leadership experience in telecommunications, technology, network operations, media broadcast and field services. Robert most recently served as Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of Telecon, responsible for growing and strengthening the relationships with all customers, marketing and Communications, while leading all revenue-related discussions in the development of Telecon’s long-term strategy. Since joining Telecon 9 years ago, Robert has held several senior executive roles covering many aspects of the business. Robert has served as Senior Vice President of Locate and Design, leading the company’s Canadian and US expansion, and Interim Co-CEO in 2022, where he covered HR, as well as all of the company’s design/build and construction activities. Prior to joining Telecon, he lived internationally working with Ericsson, interfacing extensively with operators such as Vodafone, T-Mobile International, AT&T, Telstra, NBC and the BBC.

 “We are delighted that Robert has agreed to lead Telecon into the Company’s next stage of growth.  Robert’s long track record of success within Telecon, strong customer relationships and extensive industry experience make him uniquely suited to continue the company’s accelerating progress” noted Stevenson.

“Telecon has enormous opportunity to serve our customers in this growing industry.  Our long track record of delivering for our customers safely, on-time and on budget will allow us opportunity, and our broad internal talent will be there to deliver.  I’m honored to serve as the leader of this team”, said Pothier.

Stevenson further noted “On behalf of the entire Board and team at Telecon, I’d like to thank Cari Shyiak for his substantial contributions to Telecon.  He joined during a period of consolidation of the Company and has successfully shepherded Telecon through this refocus.”

About Telecon Inc.

Founded in 1967, Telecon is Canada’s leading telecommunication network infrastructure services provider. The company leverages its national presence, thousands of skilled professionals, client relationships and more than 50 years of history to offer industry-leading design, locate, infrastructure and connectivity solutions to telecommunication companies, network operators, and corporate clients across North America. Depending on the region and the type of work to be performed, Telecon operates under one of the following brands: Telecon, Telecon Design, AGIR Consultants, Promark-Telecon, Expercom, Chemco-Telecon Infrastructure, Telecon Entreprises, Marcomm, Plexus, SC360, Questzones and Telefil. For more information on Telecon, visit