DigiWomen Event: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in STEM

The DigiWomen event, “The Digital World and Information Technology for Women,” held on February 28th in partnership with Metro Optic, offered an invaluable platform for students from CEGEPs and universities in Montreal to explore the realms of STEM.

STEM for Women: A World of Opportunities

DigiWomen transcended mere gathering; with the attendance of five inspiring panelists, including May Chaar, director of operations, Infrastructure, Telecon, this event opened the doors to a world of opportunities for a group of driven students. Providing a platform to delve into the distinct journeys of each speaker, this event empowered participants to broaden their horizons and explore diverse perspectives on exciting careers in STEM.

May Chaar, Director of operations, Infrastructure, Telecon, in discussion with the students

Towards the Horizon: May Chaar’s Enlightening Advice

May Chaar shared inspiring advice to the students, encouraging them to cultivate unwavering confidence in themselves and their decisions. With conviction, she declared: “Believe in your abilities and embrace the courage to evolve. Honor your own words and commit to excelling as women in this field. It is by tapping into our inner confidence that we can soar to new heights.”

Reflecting on her personal journey, May Chaar underscored the significance of the support and ethical, innovative environment provided by Telecon to evolve as an expert in the field of technology:

“Telecon empowered me to embrace my self-confidence, unlock my full potential, and thrive in an environment where my voice matters, my contributions are valued, and I’m equipped to overcome challenges and grow.

The DigiWomen event brilliantly underscored the significance of promoting women’s engagement in STEM fields. Through the guidance of inspiring role models and advice, such as those shared by May Chaar, young women are not only motivated to pursue their interests in these domains but also equipped to overcome any challenges they encounter. This gathering surpassed its role as mere inspiration; it evolved into a genuine catalyst for the empowerment and advancement of students. As May Chaar highlights, “by persistently supporting and advocating for women’s involvement in STEM, we are paving the way for a future that is more equitable and inclusive for everyone.”